Protective Films: More Than Just A Satisfying Peel

Protective films on metal serve as barriers between the environment and the underlying substance, preventing the metal from corrosion and abrasion. Protective films ensure you receive your metal products in their original condition and offer protection from harmful elements such as dirt, dust, oil, moisture, and other kinds of contaminants that can cause damage to the metal.

Protection films are meant to adhere to the surface of a product and are typically made of a thin layer (2-5 millimeters) of durable film coated with an adhesive system. These systems can be water-based, solvent acrylic-based, or a rubber solvent.

High-Strength Protective Films

It’s important to use the correct type of film during the application process. In our roll-formed products we use high-strength protective films. These films are meant to withstand heavy roll forming and have roughly 600% elongation. This kind of elasticity ensures no breakage or tears in the film while the metal goes through the press.

How Long Can the Film Be Left On For?

Products can be stored indoors for up to 12 months.

For products stored outdoors and exposed to UV light, it’s recommended to take the film off as soon as possible. Note that if known ahead of time that the product will be stored outdoors, a special UV protective film that lasts up to 90 days can be applied to the product.

Protective Film Removal

When removing film after installation, it’s recommended to use a heat gun to help lift the adhesive easily from the metal.

When removing film before installation, it’s recommended to move the product indoors beforehand. Bringing it to room temperature allows the adhesive to become more pliable and easier to remove.