SMP and PVDF Paint Systems

Which Paint System is Best For Your Project?

PVDF and SMP paint systems are some of the highest-ranking paint systems in the industry with longer warranties in comparison to other paint systems. Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) and Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) are both popular in architectural, residential, and industrial applications. But which paint system is best for your next project? Let’s explore.

What is Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) ?

SMP is a paint system that combines polyester resins with silicone additives. The blend of polyester and silicone make for a durable paint system with weather resistance, scratch resistance and gloss retention. In the agriculture industry, SMP paint systems remain a popular choice.

What is Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) ?

PVDF is a polymer made from the monomer vinylidene difluoride. It is a thermoplastic material with excellent chemical resistance and durability. The carbon fluorine bonds present in PVDF resin are some of the strongest bonds, making them less susceptible to degradation from sunlight, moisture, acids, pollutants, and chemicals.


Example of a project using SMP paint system

SMP is a harder paint system, making it more resistant to scratches. Some degree of colour fading or chalking may occur when exposed to intense long-term sunlight.

SMP paint systems are available in a wide variety of colours at a lower cost than PVDF.

Example of a project using PVDF paint system

PVDF paint systems typically have a higher gloss level and provide a smooth and glossy finish. This system can achieve vibrant and rich tones with better resistance to fading & chalking in comparison to SMP.

Due to the soft and flexible nature of PDVF it is more susceptible to scratching and scuffing. This is why PDVF always comes with a layer of protective film on top to preserve the coating until installation.


PVDF paint systems are known for their excellent weatherability and resistance to UV radiation. It has the ability to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh outdoor environments.

SMP paint systems offer good weathering resistance, but are generally not as UV resistant as PVDF. You may experience some chalking or fading when exposed to intense sunlight for extended periods of time.


Our paint systems carry a 30 to 40 year warranty. Although SMP paint systems are more susceptible to fading than PVDF, it has a higher warranty of 40 years. With PVDF paint systems you’ll get a higher resistance to fading but it has a lower warranty of 30 years. And due to the resin used in the PVDF system, there is more pigment protection in comparison to SMP.

To read our full “40 Year Pre-Painted Colour Warranty,” click the button below.

In conclusion, if you’re trying to keep your project within budget without sacrificing durability, SMP is a great choice. If you’re looking for vibrant colours, a longer lifespan, and the ability to withstand harsher environments, then PVDF might be a better fit for you. Whatever your choice may be, rest assured that these systems provide great results.

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