A Unique Steel Accent for Commercial & Architectural Applications

Weathering Steel is a high-strength, low-alloy steel with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance. With Weathering Steel, the specific alloying elements in the steel produce a stable rust layer that adheres to the base metal and is much less porous, producing a better resistance to corrosion. The rust ‘patina’ develops under conditions of alternate wetting and drying to produce a protective barrier that impedes further access of oxygen, moisture, and pollutants, providing a unique aesthetic to the steel structure.

Available in 7/8 Corrugated

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Meets ASTM A606 Requirements

Available in 22 Gauge 7/8 Corrugated Profile

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Application: Roof/Wall

Minimum Roof Slope: 4/12

Not Recommended for Roofs with Valleys

Warranty: None

Product Cautions

Special attention must be paid to the drainage of storm water to prevent staining of surrounding structures, sidewalks and other surfaces.

The tight oxide skin of Weathering Steel reforms after abrasion from snow, ice, sand, dirt and hail. As the skin reforms the product becomes thinner and eventually will be perforated.

Weathering Steel must be kept free from debris such as leaves, pine needles, soil etc. These waste products impede the wet/dry cycle necessary for Weathering Steel, resulting in accelerated corrosion as well as further thinning and eventual perforation of the product.

Weathering Steel ships with an oiled coating and is slippery when handled.

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