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The Benefits of Steel

Steel roofing and siding is the standard exterior product used on all agricultural and commercial buildings across North America. The product is durable, easy to install and cost effective, making it the ideal choice for large buildings that require strength and long lifespans. Steel roofing and siding provide lifespans two to three times longer than conventional roofing and siding products.

The product is durable, easy to install and cost effective, making it the ideal choice for large buildings that require strength and long lifespans. Steel roofing and siding provide lifespans two to three times longer than conventional roofing and siding products.

Sheet steel is available  in a range of profiles, gauges, colours and finishes to satisfy both structural and aesthetic applications. With so many colour and finish options now available, businesses and homeowners are choosing to incorporate a variety of exciting designs into their new builds. The results are modern and attractive, but also durable, cost-effective and proven to stand the test of time.

After years of mostly commercial and agricultural industries enjoying the benefits of steel roofing & siding, residential construction is now catching up. With a renewed focus on sustainability, durability, and modern design, steel roofing and siding is highly sought after for its many benefits and attractiveness alike. Metal roofing alone is one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement with more homeowners and business owners upgrading their roofs with steel and enjoying the many benefits the product provides. 

Strength & Durability

Steel siding is perhaps the most durable siding product available to homeowners. It is resistant to bumps and dents that other siding products will inevitably struggle with. Both steel roofing and siding can withstand the elements far better than other materials, and any insect problems are ultimately eliminated with steel. Our steel comes with a Class 4 Rating, the highest rating for hail resistance. Steel roofing and siding does not absorb moisture, therefore mold cannot grow and produce rot like it can in wood.

Longevity & Performance

A steel roof will last 2 to 3 times longer than conventional roofing products. If a regular asphalt roof lasts from 12-20 years, a steel roof will last anywhere from 40-60 years and beyond. Although a steel roof will cost more upfront, it saves much more money in the long-run, as an asphalt roof would have to be replaced 2-3 times before considering the replacement of a steel roof. 


Steel is the world’s most recyclable material. Every steel installation contains recycled steel, and at the end of that products lifetime, it is produced into new steel. In many situations a steel roof can be installed directly over current roof installations, reducing the disposal of material into landfills. The entire steel industry continues to be efficiently and ecologically managed. Keeping materials out of the landfill and utilizing second life sources is an increasingly more important consideration for many builders and building owners.

Weather & Fire Resistance

Steel has excellent fire resistance and makes a safe and environmentally responsible choice for a fire resistant roof. As forest fires become more common in Western Canada, the construction of fire-resistant homes and businesses is more crucial than ever. 

Steel roof panels dissipate heat far better than asphalt shingles, a considerable benefit when the roof is struck by lightening. Steel roofing is no more likely to be struck by lightening when compared to other roofing materials, but will perform when lightening occurs. Steel is also a non-combustible material and is strongly resistant to inclement weather such as strong winds, heavy snow, extreme temperatures and even hail. 

Light Weight & Customizable

Steel roofing panels are considerably lightweight, and about 50%  lighter than asphalt roofing. This results in less weight on a building structure allowing for installation on any structure and the ability to achieve a variety of architectural designs. The aesthetic qualities of steel siding and roofing have come a long way throughout the years with many colours, textures, finishes and profiles now available to achieve exciting modern exteriors. Forma Steel offers numerous choices including Woodgrain and Weathering Steel options as well as opportunities to create custom panels for any project.

Low Maintenance & High Value

Steel roofing and siding requires very little maintenance or attention after being properly installed. With excellent performance in extreme weather, longer lifespans, insect and mold resistance, and ultimate energy efficiency, steel siding and roofing is an excellent investment for any structure. The numerous benefits that steel provides adds immensely to the resale value of any home. 

Energy Efficiency

Steel is one of the most energy efficient roofing materials available and can save your home up to 40% in air conditioning costs and help provide excellent insulation during the winter. Homeowners can look forward to long-term cost savings on energy bills while reducing their environmental impact. Even unpainted steel will reflect more solar radiation than asphalt shingles, and allows any heat to dissipate quickly.