Forma Plank Floating Clip Installation

What is a Floating Clip Panel System?

How do floating clips work?

A floating clip system is a way of installing metal siding. It uses a series of clips to attach the panels to the substrate instead of using traditional fasteners. Traditional fasteners would usually go through the panels themselves. In a clip system, the clips are fastened to the structure, and the siding hangs on the clips. Clips allow the panels to expand and contract with the temperature changes without causing tension on panels or fasteners. This reduces the chances of oil canning. In addition, floating clip systems typically have longer life spans than fastener systems. Clip systems can achieve the same beautiful aesthetic and are highly customizable.

Why use floating clips?

Clip systems are weather-tight because the exterior siding conceals the fasteners underneath. There is no chance of water getting in from the outside through fastener-caused openings in the panel. Furthermore, concealing fasteners results in a sleek finished look. Compared to exposed fastener systems, clips prevent the panels from being exposed to fastener corrosion, seal deterioration and thermal-induced hole elongation.

How do I install a clip system?

Installing a floating clip system is easy and straightforward. For panels that are designed to fit together, such as the Forma Plank, the clips make it easy to slide the interlocking panels into place and hang in the proper position, resulting in a polished final look. It is also less likely that the installation will cause damage to the panels from over driving fasteners, because the fasteners go into the clips and not the panels themselves. Adjustments to the siding can be made easily just by adjusting the clips. Clips make siding installation quick and simple.

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